The next business line that we have is the grain business line which is located in Cilamaya, Karawang. Grain is a grain of rice wrapped in husks. Grain is an important step in processing rice before it is consumed because the trade of rice in bulk is done in the form of unhusked rice which will be peeled and then consumed through a milling and polishing process.
As for the process and stages of unhulled rice into rice, they are as follows:
1. Harvest. Rice is harvested when the moisture content of the seeds has reached 25%.
2. The process of separating the grain from the stem, which then separates the grain from the skin and chaff.
3. Grain drying.
4. Grain milling.
5. Rice whitening.
6. Polishing process.
7. Packing.

For the machines that we use, we use modern machines that are imported directly from China with the quality of the rice produced is premium rice.
Water Content ≤ 14 %
Vacuum/Dirt Levels ≤ 3 %
Broken 5 %