PT Tunas Muda Global Sejahtera which is a subsidiary of PT Tracol Asia Indonesia currently oversees the sand material business line located in the Klaten area, Surakarta, Solo. We have volcanic sand as the basic material that comes from the slopes of Mount Merapi. With a mud content of 5%, the sand material we provide is of good quality to meet the demands and needs of our customers. Currently, we have two sand washing sites or commonly called depots or stockpiles located in the Jatinom area, Karangduren.
The material sand delivery service that we provide is currently gradually serving deliveries for Central Java and its surroundings. In addition, we also provide the procurement of Andesite split stones of various sizes to be supplied to meet the needs of state-owned concrete factories and private concrete factories. Various works currently being carried out include the construction of the 1km Yogyakarta – Solo toll road in collaboration with PT Karya Bumi Indah and PT Adhi Karya.
The following are the specifications of the matrial sand we have:

Ex Quarry Klaten

Sludge Levels Max 5 %
Specific Gravity Min 2.5
Fine Modulus 2.2 - 3.2
Absorption Max 4 %
Reference (%) TKDN 100 %
1m3: 1460 kg (Volume Weight)