PT. TRACOL Asia Indoensia can source strongly marbled beef graded using the Meat Standards Brazil grading method for luxury restaurants all over the world, as well as quality packaged product to retail chains and bulk commodities shipments for customers in the manufacturing industry. As valuable assets, these assets are also investment instruments that can protect the value of wealth because their value tends to be higher than other types of precious metals such as platinum and palladium.
Tracol is also present and involved in the gold industry. We have a gold making place in Jakarta area.
A. The following types of goods we usually produce:
1. Wedding Rings.
2. Women Rings.
3. Men Rings.
4. Earrings / Piercing.
5. Bracelets.
6. Necklaces.
7. Pendants.
8. Tie Clips.
9. Pins.
10. Logos.
11. Bros.
12. ETC.

B. Working through two methods:
1. Handmade.
Generally handmade work for unit orders can be from samples, designs, pictures or from videos according to the wishes of the customer.
2. Machine (COR)
For working with a casting machine, first there must be a master of the goods that have been pressed with special rubber so that they can be printed with a wax machine.

C. Working Process:
The finished goods from the craftsmen are still in the form of frames, then they enter the frame polishing stage in order to refine the goods.
2. After finishing polishing, then enter the eye/stone pairing stage.
3. After installing the eyes/stones, return to finishing polishing.
4. After finishing, enter the chrome / coloring stage according to the color request of the item requested by the customer.

The Gold Industry is always growing because we know that Gold is one of the most valuable Precious Metals. We also hope that the presence of this industry can have a good impact on the gold industry sector in Indonesia.