Fisheries are all activities related to fish, including producing fish, either through catching (capture fisheries) or cultivating and/or processing them to meet human needs for food as a source of protein and non-food (tourism, ornamental fish and others).
The scope of fishery business activities does not only produce fish (on farm), but also includes off farm activities, such as procurement of production facilities and infrastructure, processing, marketing, capital, research and development, legislation, and other supporting business factors. The types of fishery business are divided into three, namely: business through fishing, business through cultivation and fish processing business.
Currently, Tracol also has a business unit in the fisheries industry, through fishing business. We have several fishing vessels in the Pontianak area, West Kalimantan which are still operating today. The following types of fish we usually catch:
1. Crisis
2. Beard Crunch
3. Jackfruit Seeds (BN)
4. Pond/ Cotton
5. Saiko a / b / c
6. Pari a / b
7. Smooth
8. Mayok
9. Yellow / Yellow Tail / Baroque Flower
10. ETC