Coal is a non-renewable energy source which is also provided by PT Tracol Asia Indonesia. Currently, our coal production process is in the Kampung Baru area, Tanjung Jabung Barat District, Jambi Regency. Prior to delivery of coal to the customer, in the production stage the coal we provide has gone through the stages of coal expose, cleaning, colgating, for later delivery (coal holing) to the port.
In general, coal in Indonesia also has its own advantages, namely relatively low ash and sulfur content (<1%). Using the right coal processing technology will make coal a cheap and environmentally friendly primary energy source, which will have an impact on the economic competitiveness of the Indonesian nation. Coal is generally used for cooking, as fuel, and as a road building material. Over time, the demand for coal for various human needs has increased as the versatility of coal has been discovered in everyday life.
Therefore, the scope of coal shipments owned by PT Tracol Asia Indonesia is currently comprehensive from upstream to downstream. The following is a table of coal specifications that we provide:
Gross Calorific Value (GAR) 5600 - 5300
Total Moisture 16.05 %
Inherent Moisture 8.26 %
Ash Content 9.21 %
Volatile Matter 35 % - 42 %
Fix Carbon 39 % - 46 %
Total Sulphur 0.4 % - 0.8 %
Gross Caloric Value 5680